As we all know trends come and go and things that were trending years ago suddenly come back to recirculate as a “new” trend again, sometimes all the same, sometimes with a twist making it similar to its past trend but with a different appearance.

Researchers from all over the world spend countless hours and time looking at past trends and predicting what the new trends will be. 2016 has some very interesting trends to offer. The trends for next year in home design sound a lot like they edge along the funkier side of accents and offer a more eclectic feel to the overall appearance.

Here is what to look out for next year.

Texture: Adding pops of texture is big. Faux fur (comes in all sorts of things like chairs, table accents and blankets seem to be the easiest to find), burlap pillows (come in so many things, lamp shades, ottomans, rugs and more).

Color, Color, Color: Big, bright, vibrant colors are going to be huge for 2016. Check out Sherwin Williams or Behr website of trending colors, hot pinks, dark blues, sage greens and black all play in and mix with neutral shades and offer that fun, funky feel to any room.

Black paint: Black is back and it is in! Using black is something that has to be thought out well and sometimes a deep black can show a lot of imperfections in finishes, however a muted, matte type black or a black that has a gray or purple hue is easy on showing imperfection and looks amazing on an island, vent hood, accent wall or piece of furniture.

Blues: Shades of deep, rich blues are really in style and paired with denim fabric of couches, throw pillows, blankets etc., look so sophisticated and comfortable.

Pink Beige: What is that you ask. It is an overall neutral creamy beige but has a soft undertone of pink and pairs with a true pink beautifully. A Pearlized Pink is in too, which is a very shiny neutral that takes on a pink shade. Even the bright, hot pinks are coming into play in 2016 with chair upholstery, curtains, art work, throws, pillows, vases, you name it.

Gold: Talk about a trend! Used to be that Gold was a big deal, then it became a big NO, NO. Well guess what, now it back in and in all sorts of finishes. Gold is easy to commit to when it is in deco backsplash, lighting, plumbing fixtures or a decor piece.

A few more that are big in the coming year are:

Bringing the outdoors in: Big, picture windows viewing the outdoors, large sliding glass door systems opening the living to the back patio, lots of plants and greenery inside, raw wood decor.

Antiques & Artisan Goods: Incorporating the old with the new (aka: Transitional style) will carry over into the new year.

Minerals: Raw stones like large edgy pieces of granite and quartz as centerpieces.

Geometric Tiles: Changing the standard square or diamond lay we now have geometric shapes in tile offering a different more fluid appeal.

Metallics & Metals: Retro you mean? Yes, it is trending back in again. You’re going to see this in lots of backsplash deco tile designs, lighting and mirror frames.

Be Sustainable: Next year takes off with repurposing, reusing, recycling and reinventing. Reusing an old antique door, touching up grandma’s old dresser, whatever it may be, doing this has become the new rage and everyone seems to be in love with this idea. Why throw it away, I can paint it.

Home Design trends are the same as any trend and certain styles or looks will be popular one year and not so much the next. Following suit to a trend is not at all a bad thing when it comes to your home. Don’t be at all afraid to do those things you may consider “trendy”. An example is painted cabinets. We have heard a lot more than once, “well aren’t painted cabinets really trendy? I am afraid to do them for fear I might hate them in a few years.” Here is our take on that, painted cabinets are beautiful and offer a fresh, clean finish that is timeless, the keyword is TIMELESS. A timeless finish is one that will transcend the years. Yes, painted cabinets may go out of trend, you won’t see them in magazines and online as much as before but not to worry, you will see them again and you will have them. As for making a decision on anything that is a trend or that you consider a trend is this: as long as the wear and tear of the finish suits you and your families needs, then all the more reason to do it if you like it. Don’t worry about if it will be “in style” next year and don’t give much thought to “but will I hate it a few years from now”, we say, that is doubtful. Plus if you ask that question about all the decisions you will make building a home, you won’t have a home, you will live in a van down by the river because it will never get done 😉 – winky smiley face (living in a van down by the river is for those of you that watch Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live).

Design is fun – as we always say: If you are not having fun then why do it!