Im so over this.

So you build a beautiful brand new custom home, all the headache of making so many decisions is finally out the way and you can now move all your furniture and decor in. You are having so much fun decorating and hooking up your TV’s and listening to music on that awesome surround sound. Family and friends have come by to see and they are all enamored at the beauty of this home, so much so, they are thinking of building one now and you tell them “Ohhhh you should!!” as you think of all the little things that during construction drove you crazy, but now, they somehow, are a faded memory, none the bother.
So it’s only your 1st week, maybe 1st month, maybe 6 months in and you wake up so happy and feeling so fortunate that you are able to live in this gorgeous new home and call it yours. You wake up to make your morning cup of coffee and you think, I think I’ll go ahead and eat breakfast, you open up your cabinet to get a cereal bowl and “POP” goes the cabinet door. “What the heck was that, that better not be the cabinet door?” you close it, open it again and sure enough the hinge is out of whack. You shut the door and notice it is not lined up with the door next to it and you think “Geez, why? but, my morning was going so good.” So you think no big deal, I will call my builder later today, nothing major. So you peacefully make your coffee and head to another room when you glance at the hall bathroom and the light catches a shiny spot on the floor so you, inspector gadget, go in to see what it is and low and behold the toilet is leaking. “OMG, this is it, I am so over it!” You immediately call the builder with that tone, you know, the tone you get when you are put out almost to the edge of being mad but you are not there yet, so you call and your voice is not doing a very good job at hiding your frustration. You tell your builder what has happened and they assure you it will be ok, you then feel better knowing that it will all be ok. Believe it or not, you are not alone with this scenario. This unfortunately is an all too common scenario in a brand new home. I mean let’s face it, a home is man made, one of the last things on this earth to not be pushed through a machine assembly line, glued and nailed by robots and packaged for sale. Your home truly is a work of art, made by men and women who laboriously put their tails up on high ladders, slam their fingers, bump their heads, trip and fall down, lift heavy tools, work until late at night in the blistering heat and frigid cold to construct your beautiful home. When you move into a new home, justifiably so, you feel everything should work perfectly but sometimes it just doesn’t. With all new things, like a new car or a new tv or appliance, it has to fire up and get going to work just right. So when you have those annoying things that happen, try your best not to let it irritate you, it is one of those things that “just happens”. We, Couto Homes, care about how you feel and how things are working for you in your new home. We want you to be happy and comfortable and feel at ease resting your head down at night knowing the beauty, quality and construction of your home was everything you thought it would be and more. So when those things happen, and they probably will, be sure to let us know, we will do what is right and make sure that you are happy with the outcome. So whether you are living in your home, starting plans to build or are in the construction phase of building your home, just know that those “I am over it” moments will and do come along and remember, we are here for ya, we got your back for all the it just happens and those I am over it moments.

Smile. Remember if your not having fun, then why do it.