“To Mr. Donny, It is with genuine pleasure and satisfaction, as you and your superintendent Joshua park & Joshua assistant Hayden has put out the time and effort building this wonderful home. I do appreciate everything Joshua park has done, going extra mile for this contracted constructed job. I would recommend your level of professionalism and perfection to our close relatives and friends if possible. Your quality and work is highly recommended. Joshua Park has put our extra efforts to satisfy our needs. They are certainly outstanding professionals whose excellent work deserve many recognition. I could not have asked for any better contractor. Joshua Park have made our home building experience a pleasurable and mostly easy to work with.”
Ryan Nguyen

“Dear Donny, This date takes us back to almost a year ago when we found Couto Homes. We had investigated other home builders and were disappointed after just a few visits. This was not the case with Couto Homes. There was no doubt in our mind that Couto Homes was the right choice after visiting the first time. Once finalizing the style of Cape May design, that’s when Superintendent, Collin Wilkins, was introduced to us. Immediately, we knew that he was passionate about his work. While living on the property watching our house being built, I can promise you that not a day passed when Collin wasn’t on the job taking care of business. Tasks that would have made us lose our mind; Collin took head on with a smile on his face. He would just assure us by saying, “I got this.” This man also has a relationship with his trades that is unmatched. They respected him and so did we. If there would be once piece of advice I could give to any future home owner that Collin would build a home for, it is, “Tell him what you want, and stand back to watch his magic!” Couto Homes should feel very proud to have Mr. Wilkins as a Superintendent and should do whatever it takes to retain talent like his. I am glad we found Couto Homes, but am ecstatic that Mr. Wilkins built our dream home. Collin is truly an asset to Couto Homes, and is welcomed at our house with open arms; after all, we have a room named for him “Wilkins Room”. Thank you, Couto Homes, and especially thank you, Collin, for making our dreams come true.”
Alicia Robinson

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note about our Couto Home. We have been moved in the home for almost three weeks now and love every minute we spend here. The craftsmanship, efficiency, and layout of the house is absolutely amazing. I also want to brag on Josh. He made the process of building this home stress free and streamlined. He had trades lined-up and ready to go at each phase… no time was wasted. He was true to every promise he made and exceeded our expectations. We were not surprised when he told us he would be moving to quality control within your company. I can think of no better person for the job. His attention to detail and knowledge will make him a great asset in that role… as I’m sure you already know. Again, the Allen family thanks you, Josh, Alden, Shawna, Margie, Trina, and all the others who helped make our dream home a reality. We will enjoy it for many years to come and recommend Couto Homes to anybody who visits our home!”
Patrick Allen