Couto Homes Testimonials

Couto Homes strives to make our customer’s service and products better. We want to hear from you. If there is something we can do better, tell us. If you feel like praising us for good work, we want to know. Thanks, we value your opinion.


Why I Love My Couto Home

Couto Homes; Integrity, Honesty and knowledge sets the bar for any Home Builder in the DFW / Ft. Worth area. My wife and I have been residents of this area for over 20 years, owned 4 Homes and have never been as pleased with the “Home” Couto delivered to us in January! The entire process was “excellent”. Sure there were challenges, BUT Couto stepped up to all of them. As our Home was a “Custom Home” their attention to detail surpassed our expectations. From the Designer, Project Manager, and all other support staff my Wife and I were met with a “Yes Maim” and “Yes Sir” “What else can we do for you” from the moment we walked through the door. And the House! We love everything about it! The quality, workmanship and detail stand out in every room. The trades were professional and a “pleasure” to work with… We appreciate the opportunity to give a “Shout Out” regarding our experience with Couto Homes and have NO PROBLEM expressing our RESPECT for Couto Homes!!

Dave & Kim Powell

Granbury, TX

From the first exploratory meeting to the day we moved in, Couto Homes and all of the employees were super helpful, honest, and concerned about us! We had heard horror stories about building and the stress it causes, but I can honestly say that this was a relatively pain free experience. Our all in price didn’t change one penny from our original quoted price. Of course, we were committed to the design we selected and customized, so we didn’t change our minds throughout the process. Our only out of pocket costs were for things that we decided to add at the conclusion of construction: a very nice water softener and additional sod to complete our lot. We have recommended Couto Homes to every person we’ve talked with considering new home construction!

Jordan Barkley

Stephenville, TX

To our friends at Couto Homes,
It has been a blessing to know and to work with Joshua Park as the supervisor on our new Couto Homes build. Josh has met or exceeded our expectations in every way. As an example, he was always receptive to discuss and/or implement our new ideas. We realize the inevitable changes that come with building a house can be dreaded things. However, throughout the process, Josh was patient with us and kept a positive attitude. As he stated on several occasions, “It’s your house. I want you to be happy.” From our perspective, Josh was willing to do everything he could to make our dreams come true for our new home. He went out of his way to meet with us early in the morning or later in the day, to accommodate our work schedule. We usually found that Josh had already noticed if a subcontractor’s work was done unsatisfactorily. My husband and I frequently commented, “Josh is on it!” Additionally, he would find imperfections that we never noticed. One practice that Josh did that helped create excitement for us was to send progress photos. The images of the clearing of the lot or the first framed wall going up could have been considered insignificant, but were sentimental milestones that gave us an emotional connection to the build process. We have recommended Couto Homes on numerous occasions. Our experience with Couto Homes has been a once in a lifetime joy for us!

Carl and Terry Smith

Two things: First, I hear congratulations are in order for you and your lovely bride on the upcoming third child. Always a blessing. Second, I don’t believe I have thanked the Couto family for providing Nikki and I with this beautiful home. It took a couple of extra months but you can’t rush perfection and you surely can’t mess with Mother Nature. Oh, and I guess we can give Joey a few kudos too. I look forward to continuing the friendship and relationship we built. Thanks again.

Steve & Nikki Haberstroh

Burleson, TX

It took my husband and I a couple of years to finally make the decision to build a new home, mostly because of my hesitation and stress that comes with building. We tried to get started a couple of times with different builders only to end in disappointment for many different reasons. When we met with Couto for the first time, I was very impressed with their attention to detail, although the meetings were long, it was very professional and detail oriented, this took a lot of my stress away.

Once we finally begun, I was a very pleasant experience, our contractor was awesome and we felt that he had our back, there were no unpleasant surprises along the way, and even when we hit a bump, they always took care of it. Building can be a very ugly and stressful situation but with Couto it was a nice and pleasant experience. THANK YOU COUTO!!!!! Special thank you to Donny, Amanda and Joey!!!! WE LOVE OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!

Will & Lillie Turnbow

There are simply not enough words to express our gratitude for all that you have done for us during the last few years. You have been a true blessing for us, and we will always remember you and the beautiful home you built.

Donny, you continue to amaze us with your exceptional talent. You are truly gifted. Your work is complemented by your poise, integrity and kindness.

You are very special to us. We will be there for you if you ever need us. Thank you again for everything.

Nick & Kay Harrison

I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we appreciate you building our home. It is absolutely perfect and we couldn’t be any happier with the finished product. After our initial meeting, I was amazed at the thought and detail you guys go through to ensure your customers get what they want and make every effort to stay in budget and minimize changes. The whole process was extremely easy, and you have put together a great staff. Now here at the end, I am even more impressed with the company you have built and the way you handle business and take care of your clients. Thank you for all your help and we wish you the best of luck as your company continues to grow.

Thanks again!!!!

Justin Lane

Joey and Donny,

I wanted to thank you not only for building a house of our dreams, but for providing service that was beyond my expectations. Joey picked up the phone each time I called and addressed all my questions. The service of the people you use to build your homes has been top notch also. I never thought a builder cared about their clients until I decided to buy a house with you guys. The time, effort, and thought process of building the house was better than any other builder we have delt with before. This is our third house and we have never delt with a company like yours. Joey is a man who lives up to his word, this is rare anymore. I understand why you are so highly rated and I cannot tell enough people how great our experience has been. Thank you so much for everything. There is not enough words to express how much I appreciate the way our house was built and the service provided.

Douglas Case

Aledo, TX

Dear Donny,

Linda and I would like express our appreciation for designing and constructing our new home. As you know, we have built several custom homes over the years and this experience has greatly surpassed all previous projects. Your design and communication skills transformed our ideas into reality and actually made our experience one which we looked forward to every planning meeting and in a word, it was FUN! In addition, the building process at Couto Homes is the most organized that I have encountered and communication at every level was excellent! I also, would like to applaud the outstanding performance of Amanda in interpreting our style, assistance in color selections and David’s coordination skills of the sub-contractors to get the house completed. We would recommend your company to anyone who was considering building a new home.

John and Linda Hooser

I moved into my new home in the middle of August and I can honestly say that I could not be any more pleased with the finished product. Donny, you should be proud to have such a great team of people that make for an awesome home-building experience. From the early planning stages to the design and selection stage to the building phase, the overall process was seamless and also very fun. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone interested in building a new home and if I ever build another house, Donny will be the only person I call. Thanks y’all!!

Waylon Anderson

Here’s to everyone at Couto Homes –

Thanks for doing a great job in helping us build our new home. With a design that was not typical for Granbury or Couto Homes, Al and his gang met the challenge full stride.

Donny made sure we made good decisions and Amanda helped us make good choices. Margie kept us on budget and under control. David did a bang-up job supervising all the workers, who also did great work. Everyone at Couto took a special interest in the project, showing pride in doing the job the best that could be done. Issues were addressed up-front and resolved with minimal impact. The finished product was just
what we were trying to achieve for our retirement home.

Pat and I are very pleased with the end result. For anyone planning to build in Granbury, we would highly recommend Couto Homes to build a high quality custom home for them.

Vic & Pat Flatt


I wanted to let you know how much we love our home. I think Couto homes are the best builders in town and I want to extend a special thank you to David Lewallen.

David guided us through the completion of our home and kept us informed of the progress on a regular basis. He listened to our wants and concerns and made sure we were happy with the results. I especially like the fact that he is still there for us. After four months I know I can call him with any concern and he is more than willing to help me solve my problem. I would definately recommend Couto Homes and David Lewallen to anyone looking to build or buy a home.

Shelley Applewhite

Wow, the prospect of building our dream house in Granbury was overwhelming and daunting at the same time. Prior to beginning the whole process of building our home we heard horror stories of stress and despair from friends and relatives as they went through the building process so needless to say we were apprehensive and anxious prior to that first meeting with Donny.

Arriving at the Couto offices for our initial consultation we immediately felt a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Donny walked us through the process and gave us very clear expectations. We were extremely impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail. It was very apparent that this wasn’t their first rodeo and they knew what they were doing. After this meeting we realized that Couto homes was not your ordinary builder, they were head and shoulders above the rest!!!!

Working with Amanda and Joey throughout the building process was fun (never thought we would say that after all the horror stories we heard!). They were able to calm our nerves and keep us on track even with normal and abnormal setbacks in the process.

Our house came out better than we imagined and every day since we moved in we pinch ourselves to make sure it is not a dream. The attention to detail and the little extras that they put in their homes shows their commitment to quality and their customers.

I would recommend Couto Homes to anyone and everyone! I believe that in this process of building our house we were bless to encounter such a Company and as a bonus I truly believe that we have made friends for life with Donny, Amanda and Joey!
Thanks all!!!

Kimberley & Phil Cox

Granbury, TX

Donny, Richard and Amanda,

Working with the three of you over the past few months has been such a joy. We have finally been able to relocate from Michigan to our retirement home and it still feels like such a dream. I am so in love with our home!

From the very first moment that we met with Donny, I had such a good feeling. I felt \”at home\” and just knew that Couto Homes was the right builder for us. Knowing that we were going to be building our home from over 1200 miles away, it was so very important to me to feel comfortable with the people whom I knew I would be working with on a very regular basis.

All three of you helped make our dream come true. Your patience, your professionalism, your knowledge, guidance and constant communication made this entire process so much fun. I still walk from room to room with a huge smile on my face! The quality of our home amazes me and there is nothing I wish I would have done differently.

Donny – thank you for your ideas and suggestions, helping us to make our home perfect. Whenever I had a question or needed help with an idea of mine, you were right there ready to help. You always somehow knew what I was wanting and helped me to see which way I needed to do things.

Richard – thank you for putting up with me! I appreciate all of the pictures and texts throughout this entire project. I could not have asked for a better person to be overseeing our home. You always made sure things were done as I wanted and went above and beyond your job to make sure I always felt in touch every step of the way.

Amanda – thank you for all of your help with the million decisions I had to make! Decisions, decisions, decisions! They ended up being fun instead of stressful! Your knowledge helped me a great deal and your patience was very comforting.

I will be speaking high praises of Couto Homes to anyone who will listen to me! This has been such a huge project for us and I could not have had better people beside me all the way.

Thank you,

David & Julie Gould

Granbury, TX

We want to thank you for building our beautiful home! We absolutely LOVE it. We proudly tell everyone who built our house and that we would use you again. Couto Homes has building a home down to an art. The process, quality to detail and the workmanship brought us to Couto Homes. Al, Donny, David, Amanda and Paul were amazing! They were very attentive and understanding during the entire process. We couldn’t have asked for a better superintendent and we honestly do not see how Amanda does all that she does. She is a great asset to your team. We are so fortunate to have been able to work with such professionals. We will always hold you dear to our hearts! Stay in touch!

Jason & Karen Milam

Cleburne, TX

Dear Donny,

I can’t believe this day is finally here! I’m very excited and so grateful to be buying 4660 Palencia. It’s a dream come true. I know part of what drew us to the house was your very professional, can-do attitude topped off with your warm and winning smile.

We have really enjoyed the experience of finishing the house with you and Couto Homes – you have done a wonderful job and we are very pleased with the masterpiece!

Thank you personally and professionaly for all you have done – right down to being belly-down on the ground changing my tire!

You are such an asset to your dad Al and Couto Homes.

We send good thought and love you and your family.

Jay and Mimi Bonds


Words can hardly express our gratitude and appreciation for all you did for us in building our retirement home. Your pride in your workmanship is so inspiring to see, especially in this day and age when so many people try to get more for doing less. You have such a great eye for detail and your homes that you build are second to none. We love every square inch of our new home.

But the best part of our building experience was getting to know you, David Lewallan, Margie, and Amanda. You guys are so professional, kind and a true joy to work with. I am so glad we found you to build our last home for us. We highly recommend you to anyone interested in building.

David & Joni Carpenter

We wanted to say what a great group of people you have around you at Couto Homes. I have bought and sold at least 17 homes in the past 40 years, and NEVER has the experience been as pleasant and problem free as this one. You guys are a “class act”, and fun to be around as well! We now consider you family.

As soon as we get the pool and deck finished, we will be having all of you over for a dinner party (and NO ONE grills steaks as good as Charlie!!!!) Please stay in touch and if we can ever help you in any way, just let us know.

Thanks again and very best regards,

Janice & Charlie Seifert

When we came to Granbury for a new home after 6 years in Panama, my real estate lady took me to The Island. Yours was the first home I saw and it became the standard by which I judged the others. By the end of the first day I made my decision and we finalized our deal on the very same day.

Every building project yields a few issues but the measure a builder is determined by his expeditious response. In my case I can honestly say that overall excellent quality of my new home is enhanced by your excellent customer service.

I can see why Couto Homes is recognized as “The Best” in the area and I wish you much continued success.

Steve Edwards

Tamra and I would like to thank you guys for the home you have built us. Never building a home was intimidating at first, but the Couto Team made it easier than I thought it would be. I think Couto Homes was experiencing one of its busiest times ever during our build and everything still got done in the expected time frame that had been discussed. We made quite a few changes during our build and the Couto Team accepted them without resistance and executed them with minimal additional cost. David was a great guy to work with to get things done and did a great job with the final details at the end. Using the home as a second residence has been a challenge because once we get there, we don’t want to leave.

LeCarl & Tamara Skelley

Donnie & Al,

Thank you for building such a lovely home for us. It was a very pleasant experience from the beginning to the end. It was great working with both of you. Your contractors and their crews were also very nice. It was very important to be able to work with each individual contractor in the beginning of the process and they were all very nice and eager to please.

Richard made the rest of the process much easier. He was right on top of the schedule and was here everyday more than once a day. Even though he was extremely busy with many other homes, he kept in touch with us and kept us apprised of what was going on. He was always available to help us through every phase. He was very patient and kept us as stress free as possible. He is a great mediator and very good at his job. He kept thing light and easy.

Your office staff was equally nice to work with. They were always available and very pleasant. We were always nicely greeted and they never made us feel like they didn’t have time for us.

We’ve heard great things about your homes from other customers and in advertising but it was especially reassuring when other builders and the tax assessor said you have a good reputation.
We hope to see more of you and your homes in our community.

Ronnie & Chris McClain

“Raising the Standard” doesn’t even begin to cover the quality of work that Couto Homes does. I contracted with Couto Homes to build a new home. We stayed on budget and on time even with 5 ice days! From the beginning they were wonderful to work with. They only work with the best architects, designers, subcontractors and in-house staff to build their homes. Everyone I worked with was very professional and trustworthy from beginning to end. Their in-house staff is highly professional and a lot of fun to work with. I also made a lot of really good friends which was an added bonus. I received personal attention from the owners Al & Donny on a daily basis. Their attention to detail far exceeded my expectations. They were extremely conscience in every aspect of the building process. Everything they said they would do, they did, and more! I cannot begin to say enough nice things about the entire experience. Everyone that walks into my new home absolutely loves it. They are amazed at the quality and detail. So am I. If I were going to build another home, I wouldn’t use anyone but Couto Homes. I would highly recommend them to anyone building a home. Don’t walk, run to their office! You won’t regret it, I can assure you. I really love my new home. My house is the envy of the neighborhood and my friends! Couto Homes Rock!

Cindy Hyde

Positive and professional. Two words to describe our house building experience with Couto Homes that exceeded expectations. From the planning to the finish-out, without exception, every employee we worked with displayed a spirit of cooperation and patience. They were willing to answer our questions and make the necessary adjustments to keep us satisfied. Couto has a well maintained website, to keep their clients fully informed. They utilize Build Tools software to provide pictures and information throughout the build process. They demand the subs keep a clean job site and their attention to detail meant we had a finished product we are proud to call home. I highly recommend you consider Couto to build your new home.

Carl & Terry Smith

Stephenville, TX