A popular style that has been taking flight over the past year and continues strong so far this year is the style called “Transitional”. What is that style you ask? Well, it is exactly what the name describes, a transition from newer to older, a sweet mixture of two styles, it is new age meets old. By that it is for lack of better words, newer looks and trends meeting and mixing with the respected old, aged look of antiques and distressed furniture. It can be a mix of modern, edgy pieces with antique pieces or even a rusticy, urban Restoration Hardware meets aged, antique pieces. Whatever the mix is this style gives a great feel, it always offers a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, lends to a warm, inviting place to sit down, get comfortable, visit with family and friends and most of all it is a great space to call home.
Couto Homes doesn’t specialize in any one style, we like to keep up with the latest trends and we are open to all styles of homes and decor, trends, finishes and most of all what style your personality seems to fit. We realize trends are exactly what they say they are and like all things they come and go, so when it comes to finding “that style” you are going for, do what feels like it fits you, don’t worry about in a year “but will this be popular?” It’s like our parents bellbottom jeans or the, might I say, ugly clothing trend of the 80’s that have all managed to find their way back in again and back out again. So you ask “will painted cabinets be popular a year from now?”, maybe, but if it is a look and style you like, that functions with your everyday wear and tear, DO IT, despite what the trend is in a year. We can offer the best of knowledge when it comes to making that hard decision of will this work for me, that is why you rely on professionals to help you, and that is what we are professionals 🙂

We encourage you to ask us questions about building, designing, decorating and more! Please feel free to reach out to us or one of our home designers via Google+, Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook or our website at Couto Homes.com. We are here to help! More than anything we think you should make whatever you are doing FUN because if it is not fun then why do it, right!!