Our History

40 years ago Al Couto came to America with a green card and ambition. He wanted to make a living, raise a family, and do something that he loved. He tried being a baker, he opened a sandwich shop and had a job in manufacturing, all of which did not work out. In the mid 70’s he took a job for a construction company and started to find his niche, where he quickly excelled with hard work, common sense and dedication.

On November 24th, 1982 he started his own company called Couto & Sons Construction and started building homes. Nearly 30 years later, his heart is still in it.

Custom Home BuildersIn 2001, his son Donny Couto followed in his father’s footsteps and started building homes in Hood County, Texas. His skills as a new home builder started getting better, and better, and customers took notice. A few short years later, Al & Donny joined forces and started a company called Couto Homes. Together, AL & Donny have put together a dream team of employee’s that share the same values and are committed to excellence.

The values of the company remain unchanged from 30 years ago. Treat people right, never go back on your word, offer the highest quality home, highest quality service, and deliver the best possible quality and value in a home.

Certified Master BuilderEvery custom home is built with heart and dedication. When a customer is unhappy – we don’t sleep until they are. If something isn’t done right, we will make it right. Our dedication to our craft is why we’re the finest custom home builders in the communities of Granbury, Aledo, Weatherford and Fort Worth, Texas.

From the Couto Homes Blog


A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU. This isn’t like most blog posts filled with informational, insightive, inspirational things (those will come soon 😉  This is a blog post to let everyone know how thankful we are for another successful year, because without all the people who...

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You found the lot that is perfect for your family. It has that picturesque feel of tranquility and comfort that will soon be yours. The house plan you chose suites all your needs and you couldn’t be more excited because now you will have room for that couch you saw shopping that will tie perfectly in with your new design ideas. You have walked houses over and over again for ideas and each time you do you see something that makes you think, “Oh I want this” and “I have to have that.”

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During a selections meeting this past month I thanked a customer for their patience and understanding for how long it took to get their job started. I held my breath a little expecting an upset response, a gripe, maybe a raised tone of voice and the “ why is my job taking forever to start?” talk of disappointment but this time it was different. Instead I recieved the most unexpected response. A smile spread across both the husband and wife’s face and they said “You know, it’s ok, if you rush bad, you get bad.” I was thinking “WOW, that’s not what I expected” but I admired that response.

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