If you’re looking to redesign your bedroom in a way that is simple, beautiful, and blends with the rest of your home décor, then contemporary design might be exactly what you’re looking for. Keep reading to get some design inspiration for your contemporary bedroom from the best home builders in Fort Worth, TX.

Why Go Contemporary for the Bedroom?

If you’re still in the early stages of redesigning your bedroom, you might be wondering why contemporary is the way to go. For starters, it blends well with other design schemes. While you certainly don’t need to decorate your entire home with one design scheme in mind, it is important that the different styles aren’t jarring as you move from room to room. Contemporary design’s simplicity helps it to blend well in any home.

Additionally, a contemporary design focuses on a clean, simple design. While all aspects of contemporary design can be difficult to pin down, one cornerstone of it is keeping things simple and clutter-free. According to Psychology Today, “Messy homes and workspaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed.” That’s not a feeling you want in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place you can relax, and contemporary design’s focus on a clutter-free, serene environment can help you do just that.

Designing a Contemporary Bedroom

So, how do you go about designing your clutter-free, serene escape? For starters, you need to break down your bedroom furniture and décor to the bare essentials. Determine the absolute minimum that you need in your bedroom, and start with that. This will likely include a bed, nightstands or tables on either side and a dresser or armoire, depending on what your other clothing storage options are.

In terms of décor, it’s best to choose a single piece of art or a single wall where you want to hang pictures or other decorations. Again, contemporary design is about simplicity, and you don’t want to over-clutter the walls or surfaces in your room.

Getting Contemporary Furniture

Now that you know exactly what bedroom furniture you really need, it’s time to pick pieces that have the right design. Most beds with a contemporary design will have clean, sharp lines. They may or may not have a headboard, and usually don’t have a footboard. Boxy bases and platforms for the mattress are most common, as opposed to a frame with legs.

Any other furniture in your room should echo the design of your bed, with similar colors and lines, to help pull the room together and avoid any clashing styles.

Choosing Contemporary Colors

Let’s talk about colors now. If you think all contemporary spaces are black, white, and gray, you’re wrong! While these color schemes do emphasize the cleanliness and simplicity of the contemporary style, you can really decorate in this style using any color. Choose colors that you find soothing and relaxing. Charcoal and taupe are beautiful, relaxing options, while soft browns can really help to soften the harder edges of contemporary design. The primary focus should be on remaining neutral, with a few touches of soft color to create a relaxing environment.

If you’re designing a brand-new home, be sure to work with our home architects in Fort Worth, TX, to create the perfect home design–both inside and out–for your family.