You found the lot that is perfect for your family. It has that picturesque feel of tranquility and comfort that will soon be yours. The house plan you chose suites all your needs and you couldn’t be more excited because now you will have room for that couch you saw shopping that will tie perfectly in with your new design ideas. You have walked houses over and over again for ideas and each time you do you see something that makes you think, “Oh I want this” and “I have to have that.” You have met with your home specialist and went over every aspect of your new home from the ceilings types, to A/C units to paint to lighting and you feel 110% certain everything has been thought of and you can’t wait. Your excitement is beyond anything you can imagine and you are more than ready for that first meeting to begin selections for your home and even more ready to see the trucks on your property pouring the foundation that you will soon be your home.

Everything seems to be falling right into place and you couldn’t be happier! Let’s do this!
You have your first selections meeting, everything went great, you picked awesome stuff, this is so cool. Now you await the call from your superintendent with the update on when foundation will be poured. Your phone rings and caller ID shows your personal Superintendent’s name, you have butterflies answering because you are so excited to hear foundation will happen soon.
Ring, ring.
“Hello.” you say with excitement.
“Hey, Mrs. Jones, how are you?” says the Superintendent.
“I am well thank you.” you reply.
“ I have some good and unfortunately some bad news.” says the Superintendent.
Your stomach turns and goes from excited butterflies to a feeling of queasiness.
“Uh oh!” you say.
“ We ran into some issues with your lot and we need to have some more dirt hauled in to grade it properly for drainage, with the rain we have recently had the lot is really muddy and the machines won’t be able to be on the lot until it dries up which we anticipate to be middle of next week. That pushes everything about 2 weeks further out than we initially planned. The extra dirt we are hauling in will cost about $2,000.00 and since we are having to push your start date back we will absorb part of that to help.”
“Well okay, so, now who pays the $2,000.00 ?” you ask, puzzled and really feeling a bit pissed that you are already having to pay for something.
“We both will Mrs. Jones. We will cover half of it, as a courtesy so that you only have to pay $1,000.00. Before we can proceed, I will submit a change order and you will have to approve it before I can schedule anything further, it will come to you via email. Let me know if you have any questions. I am really sorry Mrs. Jones, this is just the way it goes sometimes, you can’t foresee everything coming ahead.” the Superintendent says with compassion.
“Okay, we will watch our email, thanks.” you say and abruptly hang up. You are no longer excited, you are pissed. What do they mean you can’t foresee everything coming? The builder should be able to foresee it, I mean really.
Your mind starts racing and you are thinking why am I having to already pay $1,000.00 before anything even starts? There goes my new couch I wanted. I can’t believe this. I never thought building would be like this.

The change order comes through, you approve and move along. 2 weeks later the foundation is poured and framing is on schedule to start shortly after. Things are looking up again!

During your next selections meeting you are going over paint colors and the selections coordinator reads aloud,
“Okay Mrs. Jones, it looks like we have 3 paint colors for your house to choose, what were you thinking as far as the look of the colors?”
With great hesitance the selections coordinator says,
“Each color addition is $200.00.”
You reply “GEEZ! This is getting crazy. I know I specifically talked about another color in our sons room, I don’t know why it’s not there.”
You proceed on with the meeting which feels a little tense after emotions are flaring a bit. You add a few colors now because you would rather get them done now than have to think of doing them later.
As you leave on the drive home, your head is spinning and it feels like nothing is going the way you thought.
The feeling of I didn’t know building would be like this is a common occurrence when constructing a new home. It is a huge investment with more than 100 moving parts with only mankind building it. The communication of so many aspects of a home build is between a number of people making things come together perfectly so your new home will be exactly what you want.
When you build a home, everything from the lot to the way the plan is drawn to the way things will fit into place sometimes doesn’t all match up perfectly. Think of it like a great big giant puzzle piece and there may be those one or two or more pieces that just don’t want to fit. It is frustrating and feels like every way you try to flip it just doesn’t get better. Even though it is hard to believe when you’re going through it, it will get better, and guess what? It will turn out even better than you imagined.
The emotional roller coaster of building a home starts on a high, takes a huge dip to the low and at the end comes back up to that high from the start. You will be happy, you may even get mad and dislike every part of building, you might dislike your builder for a little bit and be pissed at all the staff for being the bearer of what seems like bad news. One thing you have to reassure yourself of is this is your dream, your investment, your family’s home where you will lay your head to rest at the end of a long day, where you will gather with family and friends on holidays, where you may have your first children or grandchildren come to, where your family will gather to visit and eat dinner at night, this dream home, it is yours. Though it may not seem like it sometimes, your builder, especially Couto Homes has your best interest at heart the whole time we build for you. We build the house as though it was ours. We see your vision and we want to make that vision become your reality. Yes, we may run into some bumps along the way but that is part of it, just like any problem you run into, you hit a bump, work through it and keep on going.
Building a home really is fun. When you have that moment of thinking “I didn’t know building would be like this!” Keep that vision you had at the beginning in your mind because one day you will be living in it.

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