It’s kind of like that expression where people say a dog looks like its owner but this time its a house that takes on the look of its owner.  You must be thinking “WHAT?” right about now but trust us, a house really does look like its owner when its done.  Its funny to think  but sometimes a house looks like its owner during construction too,  you’re feeling stressed and over whelmed by decisions and you go by the job site and it seems a bit chaotic which just so happens to be the way you feel, yep, it’s true, a house does look like its owner during a few phases but the most rewarding look alike is when it’s complete. You walk in and you’re excited and proud to call this home your own and those little touches you made make you the most happy that you stepped out of the box and did them.  We like to help our clients customize their home, making them unique and by  adding those unique and fun elements this brings personality, conversation and sparks an emotion or a feeling of fun, comfort, class, style, warmth, family.  Whatever the feeling  may be, you feel that emotion in this space.

Adding unique elements to a home is one of the most fun aspects of building.  Being able to make choices on just about everything that goes in to a home can seem daunting but it truly makes it an extension of one’s own personality.  By the time a home is finished, everything from the exterior  (roof, brick & stone colors, specialty outdoor areas & more) to the interior finishes (paint color, granite color, lighting, plumbing fixtures, specialty rooms & more) really do showcase who owns the home.  Once the home is lived in, furniture is in place and decor is up,  the home really feels warm and inviting and takes on a look and feel all its own taking on the personality of its owner.

Often times adding  unique elements in a home can be  looked at like “should I do that?” we say “yes you should!”  We love to showcase our clients personalities by adding personal touches or creating a one of a kind specialty room that suites their needs and wants.  It is fun to get ideas and help create them into a real life piece of a home.

Some really cool ways to add a unique touch without spending a fortune are adding color elements.  For instance adding a pop of color at a vent hood or an island or both.

We have done everything from black, to stain on paint contrast, antiqued and more.  Some other fun colors that look great on cabinets are a slate gray, shades of light blue or a sage green, even red or a burgundy can look amazing if that style fits you.  

Adding a pop of color at an entry ceiling or a bathroom dome or inside the coffers (aka boxes) at the ceiling adds that fun element without a ton of cost.

Some other ways to get a fun feature  without breaking the budget is adding a decorative or color tile into the back splash in the kitchen & bathrooms.  This adds an element bringing in color and texture.  We have done some cool back splash options in a few homes that really showed the personality of the owner, like a star made of pebbles at a kitchen, copper glass tile back splash which tied in the copper vent hood perfectly & an old antique iron back above a cook top.

Other great ways to add fun elements and yes, these do cost money, but every penny is worth it when you see the finished product.  Bring in the raw wood by adding a barn door to a doorway.  Often times you see this going in to a study or master bathroom.  This adds texture, design and a focal point into a room or space.

Other options that we are seeing quite often now are bunk rooms.  This is a room with bunkbeds built in and can be entertaining for all ages.  We have even done some with their own lights for each bed &  niches with plugs for charging phones and tablets.  One space we did had bunk beds and the headboards were made of old pallets of multiple colors.

A fun way to add a lot of personality is lighting fixtures.  They are one of those final touches that can pull rooms together perfectly and create a sense of balance.

We have done hobby rooms, wine rooms, wet bars, dry bars, outdoor living spaces, media rooms, work out rooms, gun rooms, offices that look out into the garage at car collections, courtyards, outdoor grills and kitchens, pergolas and so much more.       

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