In the early 1800s, thousands of settlers headed to Texas from all over the world, purchasing large plots of land where they could build their homes and start a new life. Today, there are beautiful, thriving communities that started the same way—as individual plots of land. For those who dream of owning a home, there are available lots in the Fort Worth metro area available for purchase. With a few tips, you can choose a great site where the best home builders in the area can create a house that meets all of your needs and expectations.

Location and Gated Communities

Home values vary according to where they are built. Ideally, you want your home to retain or increase in value. The value of a home increases for those built on lots located in areas that are in higher demand. Generally, those in the highest demand are near large cities, but yet far enough away where crime is not an issue. Gated communities in Texas, such as the Rolling Creek Ranch community in Granbury or Bella Ranch in Fort Worth, address security and privacy concerns for those seeking to build homes in safer, quieter communities with less traffic. Look for lots in communities connected to existing wells or city water supplies and other utility access, paved roads, and amenities such as internet access, community swimming pools, or playgrounds.

Lot Size and Useable Areas

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Most lots in gated and developed communities in the Fort Worth area range in size from one-fourth to two-acre plots, with some larger sites also available. Stand back, view the plot from a distance, and observe its topography for upward or downward slopes. Slopes may provide nice views, but they could eat into the usable areas of the lot. If you’ve already decided on a house floor plan, make sure the dimensions of your future home fit nicely within the boundaries of the plot you’re considering. Consider how much outdoor space and how much yard space you’re hoping for and ensure the lot size meets those expectations.

Lot Specifics

If you’re taking the time to work with luxury home builders in the Fort Worth, TX, area, it only makes sense to take the time to consider all your options when choosing a lot. Some communities in the metro area sell lots, but allow only site-built-homes, meaning that manufactured or modular homes are not allowed. These homes are built to specific state and local building codes and adhere to any rules of the development as well. Most homeowners feel this stipulation protects their overall property values and protects them from lower-value home construction that could lower those values. Communities filled with custom homes may also be subject to yearly Homeowners Associations (HOA) fees. Before choosing a lot, it’s important to research the HOA that oversees the community to determine if other homeowners support the way the HOA manages and handles the collected fees.

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